We're very happy to announce that Catalogik has been acquired by RumbleFish inc.

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A web system for publishers, labels, & administrators
to save time, cut costs, & make more deals happen.

What’s ‘in-the-box’

One Cloud Based System

(accessible from any location, never lose data)


How it all works.

Technology never stops moving forward, neither should your software.

Easy Integration

Bring all pre-existing metadata with you.
Take all new metadata with you if you ever need to go.

Old data is easily ingested into our system, matched
with the corressponding files, and backed up on the cloud.
All data, new and old, is exportable to .xml so you
aren’t locked down to our software.

Common Language

We help music companies organize their data into formats that are now becoming universally accepted.

In staying up to current standards, our system allows content owners to validate that all metadata conforms to the
Common Works Registration (CWR) standards developed by international collection societies.


Do what you want

Full Control Of Your Site

We give you the power. Nearly all asepects
of the system can be customized to your specifications.

Our goal is to give you as much power over how your system works as possible so you always feel in full control.

Save, edit and delete your data
Innovations X Time

Innovators at work.

Every time design a new awesome feature
we give it to you for free.

Solving industry problems is our business. We constantly
update our system with new features that make life easier.
And we pledge to never stop pushing the boundaries of
what’s possible in music technology.

Cost Effective Pricing

No hidden costs. No comissions.
Plans to fit catalogs of any size. See prices

A complete web solution delivered for a flat monthly fee.
Subscription plans are designed to meet anyone’s needs.
Whether your catalog is as big as the Library of Congress
or just a couple hundred songs.


Gideon Gideon Alex Fellipe Peter

Half computer scientist and half music-guy, facing technical challenges in the music business is his thing. He spends his whole life in front of a computer screen so that you don't have to.

Talk to him about copyright law or about Rachmaninoff's Sonata's and you'll learn something new. Right now, Alex is inventing new solutions to big problems and honing the design of each feature until it works like a charm, just another day in the life.

Born in the Matrix and raised inside of Linux, Fellipe (a.k.a. 'Neo') is a man who sees only in black and green. He'll handle server architecture, complex database schemas, server-side scripting and that's all before breakfast.

When he's not killing Zombies or fighting Samurai's, he's building the most interactive, cleverly coded, and user-friendly, client-side applications you've ever laid your cursor on. As you read that last sentence, he just finished coding another feature...True story.

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