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A glance at some of the awesome tools we've built.

Unrivaled Search

Dynamic algorithms that account for every searching style, and bring up right song every time.
Never leave relevant songs unfound again.

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But the key to making sure the right assets show up for each opportunity is Rigorous Tagging.

Automatic Metadata Population

(patent pending)

Our software pulls tons of human generated tags from the web. Combined with traditional audio
analysis, you have much of the librarian’s work done with a fraction of the manpower.

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Send Branded Playlist Pages

Send songs straight from your database & keep track of plays, downloads and client habits.

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Transactional Accounting

Increase accuracy & speed of accounting by automatically generating statements.
Store everything on the cloud so nothing gets lost.

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Song Acquisition System

Consolidate all incoming music into one portal so you can spend less time going back and forth
with your artists. Always collect all the info you need, seemlessly.

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Customizable Marketplace

Setup a ‘click-to-license’ system or manage each transaction individually.

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Cue Sheet Tool

Clients can generate entire cue sheets right from your site.
Songs from you will automatically populate with metadata.

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